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"She cuts the blade although it’s much too dull
I say she’s all alone
Fighting for redemption
I know little pain, a little lust
I lose myself at night to feel the rush
of tearing my skin apart
Take this sadness and close your eyes love."

- Aiden, “We Sleep Forever” (via bloodandfairytales)

(via bloodandfairytales)

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Females grow pubic hair

Not all labias are symmetrical

Big clitorises are not unnatural

Vaginal secretions exist outside of sexual arousal

These secretions have a smell

Some more pungent than others

The female reproductive system is not dirty

The female body can be hairy and a bit smelly and it will appear different for everyone

And that’s okay

file under: shit i was not taught in school but fuck i wish it was

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and i guess im not too good at it… no wonder no one wants to be my friend

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I have read countless stories
About beautiful girls
With mental illnesses

And they cry and they are beautiful,
and yet they still laugh sometimes,
and their world is made
to look so glamorous

It’s so romantic,
to see a beautiful girl,
shattered at the wrists,
and she hates herself,
but not really.

Because when I became depressed,
It was not beautiful,
And I especially wasn’t either.

When I became depressed,
I wore the same sweatshirt to school,
three weeks in a row.

I convinced myself,
that I could not get out of bed,
or my feet would shatter upon hitting the floor,
and sometimes,
I felt that I couldn’t breathe.

My friends thought that my illness was special,
that it made me mysterious,
and that I was something beautiful and broken,

My dad told me,
Calm down,
It’s all in your head.

Of course it is,
I don’t want it there,
Get it out of there.

And the stigma was the worst,
I felt that I could tell nobody.

Of all the terrible thoughts that plagued my mind,
Because I was taught that I would get labeled,
And that I’m a psycho,
And to keep it to myself that I take pills to be happy,

I was taught that people in the psych ward are loony,
and that they can’t think for themselves,
that they go in the room with padded walls,
and they never come out.

I need more representation,
of the so called ‘psychos’
because we are stronger than you think we are.

They think they know us,
They think they can put us in a dark corner,
and forget that we plague the human race.

But we are all around,
One in four people is mentally ill.
We are your brothers and sisters,
classmates, friends.

And we are not crazy.


- A poem I wrote for a project on mental illness for class (via dontfeedthefangirls)

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So i did this thing on tumblr with my mom and these are the results

pirates of hawaii

your mom made an attempt

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suicide, sh, depressive & advice blog - follow back similar x


suicide, sh, depressive & advice blog - follow back similar x

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